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Black Drum

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Black Drum (Pogonias cromis)

Black drum are bottom feeders related to the red drum. They are commonly caught in the 4-12 pound range but have been caught up over 90 pounds. They usually have black and white bars as young adults fading to a dull grey as the reach weights over 15 pounds.

The IGFA world record is over 113 pounds!

black drum

13 pound black drum from the Indian River, Florida

Black drum are often confuse with sheepshead when they are small because of their distinctive black bars and they are often found in the same habitats.

The most common bait for black drum is shrimp or blue crabs fished on the bottom near structure. Certain times of the year large schools will invade the flats and easily succumb to properly presented dark flies. It is said that black drum have very poor eyesight.

Black drum don’t get the credit that their popular cousin the red drum gets but we feel it is unfair. They are hard fighters and have very cool characteristics worthy of a Jim Henson charater.

Barbels on the bottom jaw.

Barbels on the bottom jaw.

Black drum are very good to eat under about 15 pounds with a light flakey meat. Large Black drum become very wormy and the meat becomes coarse and tough. We would not recommend killing one over 20 pounds for table fair.

Fillet of a 13 pound Black Drum.

Fillet of a 13 pound Black Drum.

Their are many guides and captains who specialize in fishing for Black Drum from Texas all the way around and up to the Carolinas they are also very accessible to fishermen fishing private boats, shore and piers.


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